Making Sense of the End of the World with My Dad

Filmmaker Julia Rignot took a ten-day journey to survey one of the biggest potential contributors to rising sea levels with her glaciologist father.
April 23, 2020, 10:08am

How much trouble is humanity in as Earth's ancient glaciers melt?

Recently, one of the world's foremost glaciologists, Dr Eric Rignot, returned to Greenland, hoping to go the farthest north he'd ever been on a boat. The perilous journey, fraught with sea ice and no radio signal, was to survey the Humboldt glacier – one of the big potential contributors to global sea level rise – for the first time ever.

He brought his filmmaker-daughter Julia along for the ten-day journey to the end of the world, and she made the short documentary you can watch above. The findings from this mission will help scientists globally with their climate change projections.