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First Oscar-Qualifying Game Allows You to be 'Everything,' Even Poop

David OReilly’s 'Everything' just won the Vienna Shorts fest Jury Prize, landing it on the Academy Awards Longlist.
Image courtesy of Double Fine Presents & David OReilly

David OReilly's Everything, a philosophical, playful exercise in existential thinking, is up for Academy Award consideration. O'Reilly tweeted that information today, noting that this is due to the game winning the Jury Prize for Animation at the Vienna Shorts Festival. The game is on the "Longlist" for an Oscar thanks to that particular honor.

I played Everything and quite enjoyed it earlier in the year, though I never actually got to play as poop. I did spend a lot of time hanging out with tiny particles of sand, and as a dazzle of zebra, so, I consider myself a winner in Everything's eyes.