What Planned Parenthood Wants You to Know About Your Body

Planned Parenthood announces a new initiative focused on bodily autonomy with the release of three videos created by artists and award-winning filmmakers.
October 25, 2018, 3:32pm

Today, Planned Parenthood released three videos as part of their UNSTOPPABLE initiative, which focuses on bodily autonomy and aims to "build a world where everyone has the freedom and opportunity to control their own bodies and their own futures—regardless of race, gender, income, zip code, or immigration status."

Planned Parenthood collaborated with artists and award-winning woman filmmakers to create the three videos. One of them, “THE NATURAL WAY”—which debuts on Broadly today—is a poetic ode to the human body and the love and care it deserves created by multimedia artist and performer Ima Diawara. In her filmmaking, Diawara uses a collaborative approach, making sure to include the communities and people engaged in her work.

"We must remain resilient against the hands which attempt to silence our narratives," says Diawara of her participation in the initiative. "We must create space for ourselves where there are now voids. It is our duty to continue toward a more vulnerable world, a world where we are curious to explore our greatest joys and deepest pains. Through these spaces, love will endure."

You can sign the UNSTOPPABLE manifesto at and use the hashtag #WeAreUnstoppable to keep up with the initiative.