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Interact with Animated Fluids Inside a Massive Immersive Installation

Everyone's an Aquarius in 'Fluid Structure,' in which digital artist Vincent Houzé lets the audience control computer-generated fluids.
Screencap by the author.

Fluids move according to both inner and outer forces, and it is this science that gets explored in the new monolithic interactive installation, Fluid Structure. Created by French digital artist and interactive developer Vincent Houzé, the projection is gigantic like Superconductor's geology-influenced morphing CG animation Earthworks, featuring a water-like digital fluid pouring from the top of the screen, splashing upward, or even rippling in suspended motion and various shapes, propelled along by internal data which can be temporarily disrupted by audience members.


"Forces and collisions bend the shape until it breaks, recombining it into new aggregates. The result is an ever changing landscape, mysterious yet familiar," says Houzé of Fluid Structure, which was created in TouchDesigner, and features the music of Scientific Dreamz Of U. "Using computer vision the audience is made an integral part of the process, leaving its temporary physical mark, always bound to eventually to disappear. The system is driven by a state of the art fluid solver able to process in real time the forces and constraints the shape is subjected to."

Houzé recently premiered Fluid Structure at the Museum of Develop Art, which was part of the 2017 edition of Google I/O. You can check it out below:

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