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Ones and Zeros: 4/14/11: Tricky Soviets, Polite Hackers, Safe Robots

Hooked up, link-wise. You're welcome. h3. ONE: Search for dark matter continues ("NYTIMES": h3. ZERO: Remember to follow hacker ettiquette bq.. He participated in a France...

Hooked up, link-wise. You’re welcome.

ONE: Search for dark matter continues


ZERO: Remember to follow hacker ettiquette

He participated in a France 2 television program called “Complément d’enquête” (Further investigation), and he said – and demonstrated – that he has gained access to computers belonging to the French Army and Thales Group, a French company that provides information systems and services for the aerospace, defense, and security markets. (Net-Security)

ONE: The Galileo lectures

The Galileo Lecture series is produced by Radio New Zealand National in partnership with the Royal Society of New Zealand. It celebrates the 2009 International Year of Astronomy, marking 400 years since Galileo used a telescope to view the solar system and transformed our understanding of Earth's place in the Universe. This six-part series plays in our Sunday Feature slot beginning on 13 September 2009. Each lecture will be available on demand and for podcast after broadcast. (Radio NZ)

ZERO: Soviet space program doctored photos

The lies illustrated by these images fueled Western suspicions that a number of cosmonauts had died in secret space disasters, but it turns out this wasn’t true. The erased men had either misbehaved and been expelled, or even more innocently, had simply developed disqualifying medical conditions. (Wired)

ONE: Finally, a Safe Robot

(Rosetta project)


ONE: What Steven Soderbergh checked out in one year


ZERO: New Zealand hates piracy

(Tech Geek)

One: bankrupted Sharper Image finally Seeks to redeem gift cards, but we still won’t be able to get any more of those personal air conditioning systems

Prior to that closure, Sharper Image engaged in a battle with consumers over its gift cards. After filing for bankruptcy, the company declined to honor gift cards. A month later, it announced that customers could redeem the full value of gift cards, but only if they bought products worth twice the value of their credit. When the company finally closed its doors, the retailer recommended gift cardholders file a claim with the bankruptcy court. (CNET)

ZERO: Newsflash: no one wants PCs anymore.

(The Guardian)