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How to Flirt with Your Crush Based on Their Rising Sign

There are better ways to ask someone to be your Valentine than asking "what's your sign?"

This Valentine’s day, are you looking for astrology-based ways to flirt besides asking "What's your sign"?

Most astrology fans are familiar with their “big three”, or their sun, moon, and rising signs. Our sun signs relate to our ego and general personality, while our moon signs represent our private inner lives.


Our rising signs are what astrologers call the “mask” we show the world—it’s the first impression we make, the face we put forward. Of the big three, our rising signs provide the most insight into which qualities we lean into when presenting ourselves to others, like picking an outfit for the day or introducing ourselves at events. Six, an astrologer and writer, describes her rising sign as the first guard people have to get past to get to know her better. One piece of advice is true across the astrological board: Whether you’re trying to date someone seriously or are simply trying to get closer to them, it’s a great idea to pay them a sincere compliment geared toward their rising sign.

I spoke with Six, Jake of Jake’s Astrology, and Astro Guide astrologers Annabel Gat, Priya Kale, Ashley Otero, and Randon Rosenbohm about using someone’s rising sign to figure out how to make them feel seen, appreciated, and cute.

Read on to find out how to make each rising sign feel affirmed and ready to put themselves out there:

How to flirt with Aries Rising

Aries rising loves a flashy outfit but also dresses with comfort in mind. They’re quick, direct, and often perceived as having a resting bitch face… but they never actually rest! Aries rising folks are go-getters who are always ready to run at a problem head-on, and though that can come off as intimidating, they’re actually sweet little angels when they feel safe and babied. To woo an Aries rising, compliment their willingness to speak up, their confidence and integrity, and their general veracity and heart. Aries rising folks love to hear that they are a leader, and since they’re the first sign of the zodiac, they also love to hear that they’re your "first": first crush, first person to inspire them to do something, whatever! If you’re looking to flirt with more than words, take them out to karaoke, trivia, or a workout if you’re brave enough. Aries is ruled by Mars, so they love dancing, walking around, and generally being active.


How to flirt with Taurus Rising

Taurus rising people are slow, steady, and capable folks with stamina and staying power. They’re extremely fashionable, stubborn, and cautious. They love the good things in life and might be prone to over-indulgence. It’s a good idea to compliment their patience, thoughtfulness, how easy they are to talk to, and what they’re reading. Jake also notes that since Taurus is ruled by Venus, it’s a good idea to compliment their clothes, style, and general aesthetic. If they lean into their air of mystery or soothing voice, be sure to let them know you like that, too! When it comes to taking flirting to the physical realm, Six suggests sticking to a traditional dinner date, since earth signs appreciate knowing that you can present yourself in a way that’s put together. You might also want to try giving them a massage, baking them a treat, or doing something thoughtful that lets them know they’re on your mind even when they’re not physically with you. Perhaps more so than other rising signs, you have to be bold and make the first move with a Taurus.

How to flirt with Gemini Rising

Gemini rising folks see the world as their school and playground—they want to learn about everyone around them and challenge themselves to see the world from every possible perspective. Gem risings are clever and sometimes tricksters, known to be chatty, changeable, and sociable. This is someone whose dialogue happens internally, who often gets sidetracked and comes back with a witty comment. Compliment this person’s wit, sense of humor, social connections, and charm. Gemini risings have a youthful charm about them, and complimenting how “hip” they are goes a long way, too. Six says this air sign may enjoy being gently pulled out of their comfort zone and needs something to stimulate their mind. Don’t take them to the movies on a first date because they’ll want conversation or movement, so try a game like laser tag, or take a stroll through an art gallery or museum.


How to flirt with Cancer Rising

Cancer rising people are gentle creatures who can appear shy, unassuming, chill, and approachable. They give big “girl/boy/person next door” vibes, love their home life, and are fiercely protective of and loyal to their family and friends. Compliment how safe they make you feel, how great their cooking is, and how sweetly and thoughtfully they put their home together. Invite them to your place or somewhere you only take insiders, and have a heart-to-heart about your family lives. Six notes that it’s important to show that you’re someone who’s not intimidating or threatening, and that you’re willing to be open and comfortable; maybe try taking a cooking class together! Cancer risings can be moody, so give them space to be alone when they need it, and compliment them on their ability to set boundaries.

How to flirt with Leo Rising

Leo rising people love to be noticed and absolutely require attention! They’re self-aware, body conscious, and fun-loving kids at heart. Annabel notes that Leo risings are like cats—you have to be smart about giving them attention, and if you lay it on too thick, they’ll think you’re a fool. Give them attention, but don’t smother them! Compliment their skincare routine, like their photos on socials and comment on them with something hot and funny. Six says Leo risings are excited when they see that a person has a spark, something that makes them stand out from the crowd—so don’t be afraid to be yourself and own your unique qualities!


How to flirt with Virgo Rising

Virgo rising folks may come off as understated, but they’re smart, reserved, and thoughtful, with a quiet charm. Perhaps more than other signs, they care deeply about their physical health. Compliment their attention to detail, healing presence, and social circle. Help them with chores, ask how their friends are doing, or plan an activity that involves completing a process, like cooking, book-making, or repotting plants. Jake, a Virgo rising, says that it’s best to be as upfront with Virgo risings as possible. Virgo risings can be so critical of themselves that they become insecure or hesitant to make a move on someone, so be direct about your crush or feelings for them. Since Virgo is the sign of service, Jake says that Virgo rising folks often go out of their way to perform little gestures for others, like tidying up. Impress a detail-oriented Virgo rising by noticing these little things and saying thank you.

How to flirt with Libra Rising

Libra rising people are universally beloved! The sign of justice ruled by sweet Venus, Libra risings are pleasant to be around, fair, and naturally attractive to others. Compliment their sense of style or attention to aesthetic detail, their sex appeal, and their light and flirty air of mystery. Libra is also diplomatic, so compliment how considerate they are and ask them for their opinions on things that matter to you. Hand-write them a note to show your thoughtfulness, and don’t be afraid to have a heart-to-heart on any and every topic. They may also have eclectic taste in art or music, so plan a date where you share your current playlists or give each other personalized walk-throughs of your favorite art exhibits.

How to flirt with Scorpio Rising

Scorpio risings naturally have a presence that commands respect. These water signs come off as cool, determined, and powerful, and most people find them intimidating, intriguing, or both. Compliment how perceptive and straightforward they are, and their bold stance on taboo topics. A Scorpio rising herself, Six says that these placements want to feel like they impact someone’s life in a deeper way. Allow yourself to be vulnerable with them because they can find it hard to open up and need encouragement from others. Show you care by sharing a secret with them and holding their gaze from across the room. It’s crucial that you don’t try to put up any facades, since Scorpio rising folks have a talent for seeing through B.S. Above all, you must be willing to be an open book… and let them know how mysterious you find them!


How to flirt with Sagittarius Rising

Sagittarius rising folks want to see, feel, learn, and experience everything, and have an unmistakable faith and enthusiasm for the world. They’re the type to know a little bit about everything, and have an unrelenting sense of humor that probably consists of tons of dad jokes. Compliment their ability to share strange facts, and tell them that you are inspired by their positive attitude. These placements are often self-made go-getters, so compliment their discipline and determination, too. Jake says that Sag risings love to talk, tell stories, share their experiences, and preach about their beliefs 24/7. If you want to flirt with a Sag, just ask them about their day or if they learned anything cool lately, and be a good listener—they’ll fall right in love with you!

How to flirt with Capricorn Rising

Capricorn risings have an unmistakable seriousness about them—even when they tell jokes, they’re deadpan, which only makes it funnier! They simply ooze confidence. They also have a strong sense of tradition and family. Compliment their work because Cap risings are very hard-working but sometimes make it look too easy. Though they can come off as serious, Cap is the type who works hard to play hard—so take them to a party! When it comes to planning dates, Six says it’s good to suggest a practical date like dinner, since they value reliable people who seem put together and stable.


How to flirt with Aquarius Rising

Aquarius rising folks are perhaps the most unique placement! Curious and learned, these folks are hard to shock. They can be irreverent or provocative, and are sometimes a seemingly conflicting blend of standoffish and humanitarian. Pay them an off-beat compliment they wouldn’t hear every day, like pointing out how good they are at forecasting trends or being in touch with the world. Aquarius rising folks can also be seriously into pop culture and might enjoy dates that take them out of their comfort zone and stimulate their mind. They’re generally a good person to ask for advice, too, since they’re a brilliant air sign known as the genius of the zodiac!

How to flirt with Pisces Rising

Pisces risings have a real “go with the flow” energy—they’re gentle, artistic, peace-loving, and impressionable. Though they’re very soft-hearted, they can also be deeply imaginative and creative, and extremely talkative. They resist any sort of labeling of themselves and others, and tend to want to make their own paths in life. Compliment their bravery and generosity, and their tendency to stick up for the underdog. Pisces risings also do a lot for others, so make sure to say thank you and take the extra step to make them feel appreciated with a kind gesture in return.

This article was updated for clarity. It was originally published on September 3rd, 2019.