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It's Finally Here! Our 'Noisey Blackpool' Documentary in Full

Come watch our newest film, charting the controversial and unlikely rise of Blackpool grime.

Last night saw the packed-out premiere of Noisey Blackpool, our new documentary charting the unlikely and controversial rise of grime in the North West seaside town. Now, if you know nothing about this phenomenon, then just try to imagine a nascent new DIY grime scene mostly populated by adolescent MCs who constantly and viciously send for eachother's mums in thick Lancashire accents. Now imagine it getting more hits on the internet than all your fave MCs rolled into one.


Our film follows the three main stars of the scene – Soph Aspin, Afghan Dan and 13-year-old Little T – and digs beneath the surface to understand how the craze began, why it thrives on clashing, how it exploded on the internet, the major controversies and criticisms surrounding it, and the turbulent lives of these unique young MCs.

We even hosted the trio's first ever live show outside of Blackpool after last night's premiere, as they performed a cypher to a capacity Shoreditch venue. You can't really relive how that went down, but if you want some live commentary then just check JME's Twitter timeline.

Anyway, now you cheeky bastards can watch the entire documentary in full below. Enjoy.