• I Went to Art Basel and I Didn't Even Look at Art

    "We talked to kids in the crowd—90 percent of them told me they were 'just here to turn up.'"

  • The 2012 Canadian Hoser of the Year Awards

    An ode to hosers, Canada's most important citizens, and a full year of their hijinks.

  • Point - Fuck the Muppets

    I wouldn't say I "hate" the Muppets, since "hate" would imply a level of giving-a-shit about them that really isn't in me.

  • Edrem Are French Shit, But Backwards

    Remember the things you drew when you were ten years old? The weird animals, the people with big noses, the goofy monsters, and copious dicks and turds?

  • Giant Cats

    The widespread denial of the existence of large cats—like panthers, leopards and lions and tigers—in the Australian bush, strangely defies the number of sightings by locals and budding cryptozoologists.