classic cocktails

  • Your Jell-O Shot Game Is About to Be So Fire

    Think Jell-O shots are just for frat boys and bachelorette parties? Get high-class with this recipe for an Aperol Spritz version served in clementine peels.

  • Tommy's Margarita Recipe

    Agave syrup is a very natural choice for margaritas, as opposed to using simple syrup made from cane sugar. When I started using it in 1985, little did I know that it would create a new gold standard in the world of tequila cocktails.

  • Mission Chinese Martini with Crudités Recipe

    One of the best aspects of a great martini is the bar snack that comes with it. Why not combine the two?

  • How To: Margarita

    Whether it is the gigantic, frozen, electric-blue ones you'll find at your local chain restaurant or a nice fancy one using "infused spirits" at your local cocktail lounge, the margarita is a universally loved drink you can find the world over. Today...

  • How-To: Make a Paloma

    The Paloma is one of the most quintessential tequila cocktails—simple, delicious, and made of four commonly found ingredients.

  • Gin Smash Recipe

    The Gin Smash is a fresh, vegetal cocktail that's reminiscent of the modern Southside, but we’ve taken it in our own direction with genever and verdant notes.