Creation Museum

  • Opening Day at Kentucky's Creationist Ark Encounter

    Photographer Samantha Friend visited the Creation Museum's 510-foot long replica of Noah's Ark, complete with model dinosaurs.

  • Photo Essay: Kentucky’s Creation Museum

    A walk through an alternate history.

  • Arguing About Nothing

    Bill Nye and creationist Ken Ham are getting together tonight to argue about the Bible and science in what amounts to a YouTube comment thread come to life. Why do atheists and Christians insist on debating questions that can't be debated?

  • Date Night at the Creation Museum

    Valentine's Day is only a month away, and if you're looking for somewhere to take your lady or fella that will guarantee a chaste evening, the Creation Museum is hosting a date night. If you'll recall, our own Jamie Taete paid a visit to the Creation...

  • The Science Of The Creation Museum

    Darwin has no place here.