• Happy New Year! Here's a Bunch of Bad Shit That's About to Happen

    It's time to stop worrying about all the terrible things that happened globally and locally in 2014, and focus on speculating about the terrible things that will probably happen in 2015

  • Huang's World: Moscow, Part 2

    Eddie learns what it was like to live under Soviet rule, shares tea with Kyrgyz immigrants, and begins to understand the complex issues that connect the Russian people

  • Huang's World: Moscow, Part 1

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  • Aleksandr Dugin Wants to See a Return to Russian Imperialism

    Dugin has been labeled the "brain" behind Putin's annexation of Crimea. “We will have a new Cold War,” he said when I spoke to him over the phone recently. “But maybe not so cold—maybe hot this time.”

  • Ukraine Is Key to Putin's Dreams of a New Eurasian Super-Bloc

    Two weeks after they first took to the streets, protesters in Kiev have upped the ante. Those gathered at the city's Independence Square have enclosed themselves behind a barricade. Some hold signs and chant slogans: “Out with the gang!” or “Ukraine is...