fish farming

  • ISIS Is Running Fish Farms in the Desert to Generate Cash

    As the militant group has been retreating and abandoning valuable oil fields, it’s been forced to find new ways to scrounge up dough, including car dealerships and fishing.

  • The MUNCHIES Guide To Washington: Salmon People

    Tarik gets up close and personal with Washington's most iconic food: salmon. First, he heads to Grovers Creek Salmon Hatchery to learn about “bucket sex,” then visits with a local Skokomish fisherman for a history lesson and the most delectable smoked...

  • Vegetarian Fish Could Be the Biggest New Development in Sustainable Seafood

    In attempts to curb overfishing, researchers have found that fish such as trout, yellowtail, walleye, and Atlantic salmon can survive, and even thrive, on vegetarian and fish-free diets.

  • Shrimp Cocktail Is Destroying Bangladeshi Communities

    The Western appetite for shrimp is bigger than ever. But in Bangladesh, where much of our supply is farmed, aquaculture is laying waste to traditional coastal communities.

  • The UK's Smoked Salmon Is Covered in Lice and Shit

    Farmed salmon are literally living up shit creek, often suffering from chronic sea lice that quickly become immune to chemical treatment. But the even shadier side of smoked salmon is what happens when it hits the factory.

  • Stop Eating Seafood Out of Season

    People don't expect amazing tomatoes at the supermarket in January, but they buy wild salmon year-round. Consumers need to get in the rhythm and natural cycle of fish seasons. It’s like letting a field go fallow for a season—let it repopulate, spawn...