Girl News

  • Realness, to the Extreme

    Couldn’t the consistently shitty foundation of almost everything we are and live with be some kind of necessary substructure of checks and balances? Like, a carefully evolutionary-ed trias politica, in the interest of maintaining a relatively stable...

  • The Girl Year in Review

    2012 was a year of so much girl-ness (fine, fine, woman-ness too) that all 12 months have been kind of pulsing with hot purple blood and Y-shaped wisdom, you know? (“Wysdom”)

  • Girls and Prezzies!!!!!

    Let the spirit of Secular-Shopping-and-Disordered-Eatingmas move you! Boys, buy us stuff. Buy us so much stuff! Girls too, for sure. Girls, buy us stuff! Consider the economics of girldom and you will be moved!

  • Girls and the Worst Thing

    Can you hold two conflicting ideas in your head at the same time, even when it is hard and gives you hurty feelies, or confirms your sense of the world as an ultimately chaotic semi-nightmare? That’s called “cognitive dissonance,” and you need it to...

  • The Girls’ Guide to Winter: Gettin’ Cozytime-Cozykins from November to Eternity Featuring Cuddle-Ups and Boy Talk Around a Mythic Raging Fire

    That it gets dark at noon or w/e is of less consequence when you think about winter as a Laplandian fairytale (Lapland is like Narnia but without all the stuff) instead of something brutalist and immovable and boring.

  • Everything Is the Best

    Can we take five fucking minutes to revel in the post-Tuesday-ness of this week and be all IT’S THE BEST!-ish about it?

  • Girlsplaining Part Two: Return of the Girlsplainings: Dawn of the Girlsplains: Girlfather Part Two

    Kate Carraway counsels the confused on social media response times, "comfort sex" (ick), women being complicit in enforcing systems of shame and insecurity, socks and sandals (ick again), coffee, Kitty Pryde, F buddies, and other girl stuff.

  • Girlsplaining

    So, I read all of the questions you sent through Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and email for this special “Girlsplaining” (a.k.a. Q&A) edition of Girl News, deleted the redundant or annoying questions (and the overlong, nonsense questions, like, are you...

  • Girls and Secrets

    Everybody tells me their secrets, and I keep them, but MY big secret is that it’s not because I’m so rock-solid about anything, it’s just that I am half-retarded and fully preoccupied with like anything and everything else and just fucking forget.

  • What Girls Hate. Haaaaate

    You might be thinking, "Hate is a very strong word." I think hearing this from the other summer camp junior-associate-bitches on the tennis court is what made me who I am today.

  • Girls and College

    Power structures are wildly different in a college setting than in high school in that the most important girl is a little hedgehog from some shit town where she was Max Fisher But Worse.

  • Girls and Fashion - Part II

    Guys, it is Girls and Fashion: Part Deux: The Fashioning! Guess why. No guess. No guess. Because it is Fashion Week, which is when a particular subset of the beautiful and the damned do not so much descend on New York but wiggle-wobble into and around...