guinea pig

  • Look for the Lucky Bone When Eating a Guinea Pig Head

    Despite owning several pet guinea pigs during my childhood, I couldn't help but be curious about trying their meat when I came face-to-face with Andean cuy.

  • The Rat Meat Business Is Booming in Cambodia

    Many of us might bristle at the idea of eating rat, but there's a massive export market for rat meat from Cambodia to Vietnam, where it's more highly prized than pork.

  • Tourettes Sux

    Remember when you were a kid and the teacher made you name birds on a poster in front of the whole class and one of them was called Bearded Tit, and ever since that day you were "tit girl?" Now imagine that, but instead you yelled "motherfucker."

  • Life with Squirrels

    I had a pet guinea pig and a pet chinchilla and they both died within a year of each other.