hangover food

  • Hangover (and Party) Advice from the Guy Who Tattooed Kurt Cobain

    Henk Schiffmacher's worst hangover ever involves an opium den, a prostitute, an STD, and a torn frenulum. Oh, and he vomited bile for two days.

  • This Sandwich Saves Me from Hangover Hell

    As a bartender who loves to drink, I have a lot of experience with hangovers. Making my Ultimate Hangover Sandwich is the only thing that keeps me from thinking about the agonizing pain my body and mental state are going through.

  • Kale Could Help Deliver You from Hangover Hell

    No one disputes that kale—favored brassica of hippies and juicers—is good for you. But it may also help to offer you some relief when your body is in the throes of True Hangover Hell.

  • Best Of 2014: An Entire Year of Hangover Cures

    We did some drinking this year, and we're willing to be that you did, too. But we're professionals, so we know how to set ourselves straight after a night of liver destruction.

  • How-To: Make Cabbage & Bacon with John Ratzenberger

    You may think of John Ratzenberger as just a run-of-the-mill legendary Cheers actor, but the man knows his way around a kitchen—and has a serious love for bacon. This dish would make for excellent hangover food.

  • I Ate Shabu-Shabu with Chef Kristen Kish

    Though Kristen Kish is arguably one of the most prominent rising stars in the culinary world today, you would never know it upon meeting her. I met up with the Top Chef winner to crush an insane amount of shabu-shabu in Boston's Chinatown and...