• The Photographer Showing Burkinis in Objective, Abstract Light

    Melina Papageorgiou's hazy, sun-soaked images from Abu Dhabi don't just challenge stereotypes about Muslim women—they also focus a critical eye on the negativity surrounding the swimwear two-piece.

  • The VICE Morning Bulletin

    Colin Powell called Donald Trump a "national disgrace" in leaked private emails, emergency aid to Syria could arrive soon if a ceasefire holds, New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman opens inquiry into the Trump Foundation, and more.

  • Why Is the Khaleeji Hijab So Controversial?

    Also known as the the big bun, the khaleeji hijab is characterized by a rounded bulge emerging from the back of the head, which is supposed to give the impression of a cascading mane of hair that's been neatly coiled up into a bun. Some imams reckon...