Michael Muhammad Knight

  • Ramadan for the Unsure

    Now it’s Ramadan, the month during which Muslims fast from dawn to sunset for 30 days and celebrate the revelation of the Qur’an. There are times when I can get into the mystery of god, yes. But I don’t always place stock in the idea that my Qur’an...

  • Editing Homophobia out of the “Islamic Tradition”

    Slave rape, marital rape, and plural marriage might be unpleasant to consider as part of Islamic sexuality, but they are deeply embedded in our established sources. But I do not believe that Islamic tradition is frozen in stone. Every translation is an...

  • Michael Muhammad Knight vs. Hamza Yusuf

    Over the past few weeks, I’ve had to spend a lot of time thinking about Hamza Yusuf. In a recent academic article, Mahdi Tourage places Hamza Yusuf and myself at opposite ends on the spectrum of white male converts: Yusuf represented the shining white...

  • What I Learned from the Five Percenters

    The first lesson I learned from the Five Percent was simple: Fuck white people. I'm not talking about "white" as a biological category. I’m using the term more in the sense of what it means to have privilege in an unjust society.

  • How Not to Sound Like an Asshole When Talking About Islam

    When non-Muslims operate on the assumption that Islam exists as one singular, absolute, and coherent entity that is understood and experienced by each of the world’s billion-plus Muslims in more or less the same way, they look like total douchebags.