• Mexico’s Craft Beer Scene Is Exploding

    Being a gypsy usually suggests that you’re nomadic. I, myself, am a gypsy brewer, traveling internationally in pursuit of making craft beers. I'm known as the Evil Twin.

  • Sniff at Your Own Risk: Beers That Reek

    Some craft brews treat you kindly, like a overeager gentleman on a first date. But other beers put some stank on the nose and throw your senses into an orgy of odors. These are just some those beers, and they smell to high heaven.

  • I Ate Myself Horny at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark

    At Denmark's most famous music festival, I sat down to a four-course aphrodisiac dinner that promised to stir my animal urges with crispy balls of blood pudding, “hay milk” cheese, and a hell of a lot of booze.

  • The Walter White of Beer

    Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, a Danish chemistry teacher, ended up founding one of the world's most acclaimed microbreweries, Mikkeller. Now, he's running a budding international beer empire that's much better than meth.

  • Elvis Presley Platter

    It'll be just like you're hanging out with The King, shitting yourselves to death in Heaven.