The Bullshit Issue

  • Our Ten Favorite Psychopaths

    You get to meet a lot of fucking psychopaths when working in the mental-health unit of an East Coast maximum-security prison.

  • Vice Fashion - You Are So Dead

    Photos by Danielle Levitt, Styling by Signe Yberg.

  • Tidbits

    British slippers are cool because they show that you stay at home so much you need special home shoes.

  • From Cute To Creepy

    Look at the cute little green roundheaded guys doing all the funny stuff.

  • My Friend

    Emma Louise "Scout" Niblett doesn't sound like Cat Power, so stop saying that.

  • I Want My DVDs

    DVD madness.

  • VICE Pictures


  • Drug Buddies

    Writing music and smoking opium.

  • The Kids Are Alright

    Kids are taking less Class A drugs than their parents ever did and are selling them to older idiots instead.

  • Games

    Getting to grips with Bloodrayne.

  • Paradiso Handjobs

    Everyone is sweating, coming up on poppers and rubbing eachother’s bodies down in pink, strawberry-scented glitter gel.

  • I Call Bullshit...

    Calling bullshit on a bunch of stuff that pisses us off.