white truffles

  • 8-Ball White Truffle Doughnuts Recipe

    Deep-fried doughnuts are doused with powdered sugar and freshly shaved white truffles. Consume on the DL if you are hoping for second helpings.

  • Now Your Lungs Can Smoke Haute Cuisine

    Aroma Vapologie inventor Eric Gormand has developed a luxury hookah that allows you to add flavors such as foie gras, Cognac, and truffle to your food via inhalation. Smoke up your lungs with truffles and Cognac.

  • I Sold Culinary Crack to Michelin-Starred Chefs

    Getting weird text message requests 24 hours a day and clearing out entire subway cars because of a stinky scent are the norm when you're slinging truffles. I've had to watch chefs inappropriately fondle my product so that I can offload something that...