yair rodriguez

  • UFC 211 One to Watch: Frankie Edgar vs. Yair Rodriguez

    Frankie Edgar has long assumed the role as the plucky underdog as an undersized fighter at 155lbs. Now, Edgar is the big, bad end boss for Yair Rodriguez at 145lbs. as a victory would open up multiple avenues for a title shot.

  • The Tactical Guide to UFC 211: Edgar versus Rodriguez

    He doesn’t have a highlight reel of finishes and he can’t cut a promo, but it is a safe bet that ten or fifteen years down the line Frankie Edgar’s fight film is going to be the stuff that MMA’s top coaches force their charges to study.

  • Cage Captions: UFC Fight Night Phoenix

    Based on hundreds of painstaking hours of research and data, Cage Captions combines statistics gathered from virtually every UFC fight along with as many walkout songs as humanly possible.

  • Yair Rodriguez and the Need for Patience

    Yair Rodriguez can do it all, from slick submissions to somersaulting kicks, but there's something missing. We take a look at Rodriguez's erratic striking and his need for patience.