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Drug Dealers Were Caught Right Outside Duterte’s Presidential Palace

Three were caught in the act of using drugs near the country’s seat of power.
Lex Celera
3 days ago
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Here’s How Young Filipino Voters Feel About The Election Results

As the Philippine midterm elections come to a close, we ask young Filipino voters how they feel about the results, and what they think comes next.
Lex Celera
Erika Agravante
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Cheat Sheet: All You Need to Know about the Philippine Midterm Elections

Duterte isn’t running, but this election is seen as a referendum on his presidency.
Natashya Gutierrez
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We Put Supporters and Critics of President Duterte in a Room Together

A group of young voters sits down to discuss the midterm elections and his policies – including marijuana legalisation, same-sex marriage, and the controversial War on Drugs.
Lex Celera

President Duterte’s Daughter Has A Law Firm That's Been Unregistered for 10 Years

An investigative report on the alleged growing wealth of the Philippine President's family and their unregistered businesses raises questions.
Lex Celera

Duterte Just Threatened to Go on a 'Suicide Mission' Against China

The Philippine president is confronting China over its presence in the South China Sea.
David Gilbert

Duterte Calls Women ‘Bitches’ and ‘Crazy’ at Female Empowerment Event

At an event aimed at celebrating women's achievements, President Rodrigo Duterte couldn’t, yet again, hold back on the sexist comments.
Edoardo Liotta
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'It Was a Joke' By the Philippines' Marguerite Alcazaren De Leon and Josel Nicolas

What happens when a certain powerful somebody keeps making "jokes" that have deadly punchlines.
Marguerite Alcazaren De Leon
Josel Nicolas
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Duterte Says He Should Be Shot If He Becomes Dictator, Bombing in Thailand Kills Three, and More: The VICE Morning Bulletin

Read these stories and you're all set this morning.
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Duterte Just Flip-Flopped on Gay Marriage Again

The Philippines president said he would totally back same-sex marriage.
Tim Hume
Evening Bulletin

Islamic Student Association Wants Trump's Businesses Out of Indonesia: The VICE Evening Bulletin

And other stories you need to know, curated by VICE.
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Papuans Deny Being Held Hostage, Hundreds Walk Out of Anies' Speech, and a 'Beggar Free' City: The VICE Evening Bulletin

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