Rodrigo Duterte

31 minutes ago

Trump Phone Call to Duterte Left White House Staff ‘Genuinely Horrified’

The US President congratulated the Philippine President for an “unbelievable job on the drug problem,” a bloody drug war that has allegedly killed over 20,000 people.

a day ago

The Man Who Led Duterte’s Brutal War on Drugs Quit Amid Claims He Took a Bribe From a Drug Trafficker

The former chief of the National Police was accused of taking a cut of a bribe from a drug trafficker that his officers allowed to escape.


Philippine President Duterte Said He Suffers From Rare Autoimmune Disease

Rumours about Duterte’s health have been circulating since he became president in 2016.


The Philippines Is Deploying 'Really Pretty' Female Officers to Distract Drivers from Traffic

Here’s why the sexism is not that surprising.


Duterte Said “You Must Be Stupid” If You Think He’ll Stand Trial at The Hague for His Drug War

“I am a Filipino. We have our courts here... Shit,” he continued.


Duterte Signs an Anti-Sexual Harassment Bill He'll Have Trouble Following

The Philippine president is on record exhibiting many of the acts deemed unlawful by the bill.


Enforcer of Philippines War on Drugs Defends Killing a Toddler: "Shit Happens"

Myka Ulpina was shot dead in a province near Manila last week, during a police sting operation in which her father was also killed.


A 3-Year-Old Child Is the Philippine Drug War’s Latest Victim

Her mother disputes the police’s official statement.


This Filipino Rap Album Tells the Story of the Country's Drug War

Not only is the music good, it’s also backed by two year’s worth of research.


Sri Lanka Now Plans to Hang Drug Dealers After Being Inspired by the Philippines

After nearly half a century of no executions, the President wants to revive capital punishment after seeing Duterte’s crackdown against drugs.


Drug Dealers Were Caught Right Outside Duterte’s Presidential Palace

Three were caught in the act of using drugs near the country’s seat of power.


Here’s How Young Filipino Voters Feel About The Election Results

As the Philippine midterm elections come to a close, we ask young Filipino voters how they feel about the results, and what they think comes next.