Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Watch Chance The Rapper Perform With Common at Mamby On The Beach

The Chicago icons performed "The Food", a Kanye West-produced track from Common's record 'Be'.
Shaad D’Souza
VICE vs Video games

Bleak Video Games Should Remind Us of What Matters in Our Real Lives

Bleak dystopias can be oddly uplifting.
Brad Barrett

[Best of 2014] The Year in Sound

2014 was a loud year for sound art.
Sami Emory

Watch a New Video from DFA Records' Shit Robot

Watch the LED-studded new video from Shit Robot, featuring Nancy Whang from LCD Soundsystem.
David Garber

Toronto Just Fired the Greatest Mayor of All Time

After a string of brilliant and public performance comedy sketches, Rob Ford, Toronto's 64th mayor, has been removed from office.
VICE Canada
Question Of The Day

What Will Life Be Like in 100 Years?

We won't have time for emotions in our beige future.
Henrietta Hitchcock
The No Photos Issue

Rowan Tedge Has Ample Time On The Train Every Day To Be Creative

Vice: Your style is quite distinctive, how would you describe it?
Briony Wright
The No Photos Issue

Matteo Gualandris’s Cat Just Died, So Please Be Nice To Him

He's an illustrator who draws mountains and monsters.
Serena Pezzato
The No Photos Issue

Keith Jones Wants To Be A Dog But Is Really A Bird

Vice: I imagine the inside of your brain looking like your drawings, but more Canadian.
Sarah Steinberg
The Horse's Ass Issue

We Could Be The New Wind!

Recently, while innocently perusing YouTube and-swear to God-not looking for anything raunchy, I came across this amazing girl who posts tons of videos of herself farting and subsequently cracking herself up.
Quinn Morrison