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a day ago

This Global Map Shows You How Nature Benefits You Directly

The map displays how people all over the world receive benefits from the environment, and who is most likely to lose them due to land use issues and the climate crisis.

5 days ago

There's an 'Ecocide' Happening in the Fires at the Edge of the Amazon

Several species of plants and animals are known to live there and nowhere else.


The 120-Degree Heat Waves of the Future Could Melt Streets and Bend Train Tracks

As climate change makes summers worse, cities around the U.S. must adapt or face potentially deadly consequences.


The Gaza Strip Could Be Uninhabitable By Next Year

As sewage spills onto my streets, a dire United Nations prediction is looking likely.


Greta Thunberg’s Passionate UN Speech Is Now a Viral Death Metal Track

Profits from the release of this raging remix by New York-based death metal drummer John Mollusk will be donated to Greenpeace.


The Indian Government Is Trying to Erase the Citizenship of Millions. Climate Change Might Get There First

An entire community of Bengali Muslims faces an uncertain future amidst rising anti-Muslim sentiment in India, which has only been made worse by the threat of their land being washed away.


My Community Is Warming Three Times Faster Than the Rest of the World

Wildfires, mudslides, and an influx of wolves: Paul Josie from Old Crow, Yukon, on what it's like living in a place that has declared a climate emergency.


11 Young Climate Justice Activists You Need to Pay Attention To

They are Indigenous or people of color and they're all under 30.


Climate Strikers Want to Know When the Earth Will Die. We Asked a Scientist.

Ever wondered “How long do we have until the Earth is dead?” So has 10-year-old Sam Berliner.


Airbnb's Antarctic 'Sabbatical' Is the Next Evolution in Crisis Capitalism

Airbnb is sending five volunteers on a one month “citizen science” trip to Antarctica so that they may become ambassadors for the continent, and more importantly, Airbnb.


Tibetans in India Join the Global Climate Strikes to Bring Attention to Their Burning Homeland

The community lives with the prospect of losing their homes forever, not just to political oppression but also the severe effects of climate change.


Hordes of Climate Kids Are Back in the Streets Because the UN Summit Didn't Solve the Crisis

“We can’t wait for the next UN summit and hope they get their acts together,” said a 17-year-old striker