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How to Force Your Employer to Help Save the Planet

Your company is probably contributing to climate change. Here's how to demand it do something about that.
Geoff Dembicki
3 days ago

Photos of Chinese Homes Owned By People Who Refuse to Sell

In China so-called "nail houses" are seen as an increasingly successful way to stand up to corrupt developers.
Talia Slonim
Australia Today

Pauline Hanson Suggests Using Cattle Prods on Climate Protesters

The One Nation leader wants police to start prodding Extinction Rebellion activists with an electric "move-along-stick."
Gavin Butler
climate change

A Step-by-Step Guide to Fighting Climate Change. Step One: Get Pissed Off

Even if you're feeling powerless, there are things you can do to make a difference.
Geoff Dembicki
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Hong Kong’s Leader Refuses to Quit, Says the City is Approaching a ‘Very Dangerous Situation’

Chief Executive Carrie Lam condemned protestors and claimed that they "are going to destroy Hong Kong."
Gavin Butler
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How to Radicalize Your Parents on Climate Change

It's possible to change someone's mind on climate change—if you're related to them.
Shayla Love
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Hong Kong Protests Turn Violent as Police Deploy Tear Gas and Rubber Bullets

Clashes between police and pro-democracy demonstrators continue to escalate, eight weeks since the protests began.
Gavin Butler
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Thousands of Elderly Hong Kongers Join the Protests in a 'March for the Silver-Haired'

An estimated 9,000 senior citizens took to the streets to support the youth, saying "we are proud of them".
Gavin Butler
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What Thousands of Protesters Storming a Coal Mine Looks Like

Around 60,000 people took part in a weekend of climate action, occupying the world's largest brown coal mine.
David Tesinsky

The Best Photos from London’s Huge Anti-Trump Protest

Thousands of people gathered in Trafalgar Square for the "Carnival of Resistance" against the US president. Here's what we saw.
VICE Staff
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Inside the Courtroom Where Teens Are Suing the US Government Over the Climate Crisis

Three judges will determine whether the landmark lawsuit will fizzle out or lead to a history-making trial.
Geoff Dembicki

Powerful Photos From Indonesia's Post-Election Protests

Scenes from two days of protest and violence on the streets of Indonesia's biggest city.
VICE Staff