The DOJ Just Charged Julian Assange Under the Espionage Act

The 18-count indictment charges Assange with several crimes, namely unlawfully obtaining and disclosing national defense information.


Chelsea Manning Warns That Trump Will Go After Journalists With “Indictments and Charges”

"Whenever a journalist makes a misstep, I think that they are put on notice now."


Does Julian Assange Have a Roommate in Jail? A VICE News Investigation

The U.K. Ministry of Justice is highly secretive about where inmates live within prisons like Belmarsh, where Julian Assange will serve a 50-week sentence.


A Guide to What's Happening with Julian Assange

Sifting through all the news surrounding the WikiLeaks founder's recent arrest.


Doctor Who Evaluated Julian Assange Told UN His Confinement Was Torture

In the Ecuadorian embassy, the “cumulative severity of the pain and suffering inflicted on Mr. Assange—both physical and psychological—is in violation of the 1984 Convention Against Torture,” she wrote.


Julian Assange’s Whistleblowing Doesn’t Make Him Immune to Critique

Yes, he founded Wikileaks and has also flagrantly dodged two sexual assault allegations – both realities can be true at once.


Let's Revisit Those Rumours that Julian Assange Eats Everything with His Hands

"...He ate both the baked potato and the jam pudding with his hands," Assange's former ghostwriter claims.


This Is Just the Beginning for Julian Assange

The U.S. could be trying to bring additional charges against the WikiLeaks founder.


The Police Have Arrested Julian Assange in London

Assange's lawyer says he was arrested for breach of bail conditions and a US extradition request.


Chelsea Manning Jailed for Refusing to Testify About WikiLeaks

Manning told a federal judge that she would accept whatever punishment he handed down.


Julian Assange Rejects a Deal Allowing Him to Leave the Ecuadorian Embassy

"Ecuador should continue to provide him asylum.”


A Judge is Forcing Julian Assange to Obey the Embassy’s Housekeeping Rules

The WikiLeaks founder took the Ecuadorian Embassy to court for making him clean his room.