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"Full Circle" Features Pretty Much Everyone in Toronto Rap and It Slaps

Jimmy Prime, Smoke Dawg, SAFE, and more are in this video.

by Phil Witmer
Sep 14 2016, 8:02pm

When a song has the same name as the group that performs it, you know it's gonna be hard. "Black Sabbath"​ by Black Sabbath, "Bad Company"​ by Bad Company, "Body Count"​ by Body Count, the list goes on. So it goes that Full Circle, a supergroup of some of Toronto rap's best and brightest, have made their claim to the pantheon with a song that shares their name.

Its 6 rappers (from the 6, har har) include Jimmy Prime, SAFE, Smoke Dawg, Donnie, Jay Whiss, and Puffy L'z. Phew! Toronto don Boi-1da's production draws from both his "Summer Sixteen" and "Live from the Gutter" moods and that combined with the group's individual chemistry–varying between traditional rapping and more modern half-sung styles–makes for a banging track. The Tristan Prime-directed nighttime video completes the package, so check it out below.

​Phil ​wanted to put "Belle and Sebastian"​ in the list above but felt the joke had run its course. Follow him on Twitter.

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