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The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump agrees to meet North Korea's Kim face to face, federal judge offers Trump Twitter advice, Pacific nations flout US with free trade deal, and more.
VICE Staff

A Free Trade Deal With China Will Not Save Us from Populism

Sorry, Justin.
Drew Brown

Trump's Promise to Leave NAFTA Looks Like Another Empty Threat

This week Donald Trump said he'd "probably" terminate the free-trade agreement, but few think he'll follow through.
Meredith Hoffman

Trump's Policies Could Spell Trouble in One of America's Reddest States

Kansas is as landlocked as they come, but is anything but isolated from the global economy.
Joel Mathis
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Trump Just Took the US Out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

In one of a trio of executive orders he signed Monday, Donald Trump followed through on a campaign promise.
Lauren Messman
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

The Worst Moments from the Final Presidential Debate

Babies ripped out of wombs, nasty women, Russian puppets, open borders, and more.
Harry Cheadle
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Donald Trump Is an Incoherent Leftist When It Comes to Free Trade

The Republican candidate's big economy speech showed just how strange his ideas are—and how he could enrage the GOP if he ever followed through on them.
Harry Cheadle

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Is Now Finalized, but You Can't Read It Quite Yet

The shroud of secrecy surrounding Obama's 12-country trade deal won't be removed for quite some time.
Mike Pearl

Everything We Know So Far About Obama's Secret Trade Deal

Everything you need to know about trade deals but were too bored to ask.
Mike Pearl

Canada Is Signing Up to Get Sued by More Foreign Corporations

Wikileaks reveals Canada is on deck to face lawsuits from more foreign corporations thanks to the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
Christopher Malmo

Italy Wants to Take the Word 'Parmesan' Away from Kraft

If you’re like me, you probably mispronounce it and say “parma-jann” anyway. So if the can suddenly says “Parmesan-flavored product” instead, will you even notice, let alone hesitate to buy it?
Mike Pearl