gender binary


Why Gay Men Need to Get Past Masculinity

Drag queens can be leather men. Bears can be feminine. And the more we reinforce the opposite, the less ground we'll gain under Trump.


My Son Is a Boy, and That's Fine

As a queer parent, having a son taught me how little gender matters.


​A Canadian University Professor Is Under Fire For Rant on Political Correctness

The University of Toronto prof posted the rants on his YouTube channel, where he regularly uploads lectures and discussions related to his psychology courses.


Gypsy Sport Is Defying the Gender Binary of Menswear

By mixing sportswear with non-Western influences and utilizing fabrics usually designated for women, the label is helping redefine the way guys dress.


Eurocentric Office Dress Codes Need to Go

Dress codes disproportionately target not just teenage girls in school, but people of colour, women of colour, LGBTQ students, and overweight people.


Designer Rad Hourani Is Breaking Down the Gender Binary with Unisex Garments

I called up designer Rad Hourani to discuss fast fashion, the importance of couture, and the future of unisex clothing.


Canada's Trans Prisoners Need More Than a Policy Change

Ontario's new policy calls for trans inmates to be placed according to the gender they identify as, but it falls short of what's needed.


Fashion Labels Are Finally Catering to Butch Women and Trans Men

Finding something to wear can take a heavy toll on the everyday lives of people who don't fit into the gender binary. Luckily, new fashion brands are emerging that are catering to butch women and trans men.