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McGill University Finally Drops Their 'Redmen' Name

It only took over one hundred years.
Marie Boule
climate change

Canadian Universities Are Way Behind on Fossil Fuel Divestment

US, EU, and Australian institutions have made massive commitments while their Canadian counterparts remain loyal to oil companies.
Bronwen Tucker
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This Controversial Alt-Right Group Is Recruiting on Canadian Campuses

‘Generation Identity,’ who have worked to keep migrants out of Europe, want a bigger Canadian presence.
Brigitte Noël
gregg marshall

Wichita State Coach Goes Berserk, Charges at Refs in Exhibition Game

Shockers head coach Gregg Marshall was fed the fuck up with the referees in an exhibition game at McGill.
Sean Newell

​Students Tell Us About Their Dorm Sex Lives

Keep the semen off the washing machine, kids.
Jake Kivanc
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​Scientists May Have Discovered a Buzzkill Button for Brains on Cocaine

Researchers from McGill University have found a way that one day could help addicts from relapsing.
Jake Kivanc

Science Says I Have the Hands of an Asshole

A recent study out of McGill University has brought a horrifying reality to my attention: I have a finger length ratio that corresponds to a tendency to be quarrelsome toward women.
VICE Staff

I Took My Tinder Date to a Sci-Fi/Fantasy-Themed Fetish Party

When a friend told me about a “Game of Thrones-themed kinky burlesque circus fetish party” coming to Montreal, I knew I had to go. I didn't want to go alone, so I asked a girl on Tinder if she'd join me. She said yes.
Stephen Keefe