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Taylor Swift to Release New Album 'Reputation' on November 10

The first single will release tomorrow.
Sarah MacDonald

Why Live in Newfoundland? A Great, Terrible Question

Are we sure Australia was the penal colony?
Drew Brown

We Reviewed November's Best Books, Music, and Movies

From the Criterion release of a Luis Buñuel masterpiece to Sarah Glidden's genre-blending graphic nonfiction, we reviewed the best new releases November has to offer.
VICE Staff
Holy Shit

Like Damn, Young Money Artist J-Soul's "Bare Gyal" is a Slapper

J-Soul's debut EP disappeared for a bit, but now it's back and it's better.
Byron Yan

One Last Look Back at Baseball in 2015

In 2015, a few could-be dynasties arrived on the scene ahead of schedule, the Royals were perfect, the Dodgers spent money, and nothing happened quite as planned.
Jonathan Bernhardt
skol beats factory reportagens

Explore Bud Light Sensation with Eric Prydz

There is no singular God within dance music, but Eric Prydz is surely its Prophet.
Jesse Champagne
skol beats factory reportagens

Explore Bud Light Sensation with Mr. White

Canada's favourite wintertime event is just around the corner, let us acquaint you with Mr. White.
Jesse Champagne
The What Da Fug You Lookin’ At Issue

Introducing the What Da Fug You Lookin’ At Issue

November brings with it a tide of Autumnal warmth: mulled ciders, cozy sweaters, and the unsettling realization that winter has completely consumed us. November’s the best!
VICE Staff

Liam Maloney’s Stunning Portraits of Canadian Air Force Veterans from WWII

Liam Maloney has always been fascinated by airmen.
Raf Katigbak

Road Trip Chaos: What Does Boston Think of Mitt Romney?

I trolled around the Boston with Newsweek/The Daily Beast correspondent Eli Lake and we met a drag queen who wouldn't "suck Mitt Romney's dick for all the money in the world."
Rocco Castoro
Question Of The Day

Question of the Day - Who Would Win in a Fist Fight, Obama or Romney?

We asked some dweebs at a Rock the Vote event that was taking place during the Republican National Convention. Not surpassingly, the crowd at the Rock the Vote event favored the lanky liberal with the long arms.
Kyle Kramer