police abuse


A Long Drive Back to Good, Interrupted

After a nervous breakdown, I decided to drive across a continent to clear my head. It was going well, until I had a run-in with a power-tripping cop.
Lori Fox
police abuse

Police are groping and roughing up Indigenous women in Saskatchewan, report says

Human Rights Watch report calls on MMIW inquiry to investigate police
Hilary Beaumont

The Horrifically Racist Photo That Led to the Firing of a Chicago Cop

Chicago Police Officer Timothy McDermott was fired last year for misconduct, and an old photo where he and another officer are holding rifles over a black man wearing antlers explains why.
Allie Conti

These Teen Girls Want to End Carding in Toronto

They're just 13 and they're already thinking about using their platform to amplify others' voices. Probably makes you feel bad about your teen years, right?
Tannara Yelland

Quebec’s Police Ethics System Favours Cops Over Complainants

"It's hard to convince your young black child that he can trust the police. And I did that. He was convinced. Do you think he trusts them now? Not at all."
Kristian S. Jebsen

Three Toronto Police Officers Have Been Charged with Gang Sexual Assault of a Colleague

The three officers charged with sexually assaulting a female parking enforcement officer have been arrested and released on bail.
Nick Rose

Kativik Woman Sexually Assaulted While Cuffed in Police Truck Is Suing for PTSD

A young woman who was raped while in police custody wants the police and local government to acknowledge its wrongdoing.
Nick Rose

Fixing the Seemingly Poisoned Relationship Between the RCMP and Aboriginal Women

Following news of yet another RCMP officer mistreating an aboriginal woman, we speak to a woman who has some ideas about beginning to repair that fractured relationship.
Raf Katigbak

Montreal Protesters Are Automatically Being Entered Into Class-Action Suits Against the Government

Mass arrests during the 2012 Quebec student protests have led to eight class-action lawsuits that could force Montreal to hand over $20 million in damages.
E. K. Hudson