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Weed Packaging Rules Are Wasteful Overkill

On both sides of the border, the regulations around keeping cannabis away from kids means excessive packaging that can take a toll on both profits and the environment.


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It’s a Good Year to Get Into Gardening Because of Weed

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Support for Weed Legalization Has Reached a New High

A recent Gallup poll indicates a record 64 percent of Americans support decriminalizing the drug.


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Can You Get Fired for Smoking Legal Weed?

Recreational marijuana is now legal in eight states; medical marijuana in 28. So what happens if you fail a drug test?


The Struggles of Poor Parents Who Use Marijuana

On the first episode of the second season of 'Weediquette,' host Krishna Andavolu meets parents struggling to regain custody of their children after the state deemed they were irresponsible parents for using marijuana.