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Finally, We Know How Much Weed and Coke Is in Your City's Pee

A new Stats Can study looked at five major Canadian cities to tell us how much cannabis, cocaine, meth and opioids we've used post-legalization.


You Should Probably Quit Your Job and Join The Weed Industry Now

New numbers from Statistics Canada shows cannabis workers are making more than the average Canadian.


Hate crimes soar by 47 percent in Canada

Police-reported incidents targeting Muslim, Jewish and Black people accounted for most of the increase.


A Third of Canadian Pot Users Have Never Actually Paid For It

But nearly one million Canadians say they have spent more than $250 on weed in the last three months.


Canadian Men Are Still Lazier Than Women: Report

But they are getting better.


Nova Scotia Is Getting Stoned More Than Any Other Province

Not the home of the ‘Trailer Park Boys’!


Canada smokes even more weed than the government thought

Statistics Canada says more than two million Canadians smoke weed on a daily or weekly basis.


Canada Smokes Even More Weed Than the Government Thought

Canada is starting to get a better idea of just how much weed Canadians are smoking.


Canadians Spent Nearly $6-Billion on Cannabis Last Year

Most of that cash went to the black and grey markets.


Canada doesn’t really know how much foreign money is in the housing market

Anti-corruption group says it’s unclear who owns nearly half of Vancouver’s most expensive homes.


The Canadian economy might be booming, but not if you’re an immigrant

An immigrant to Canada earns 16 percent less than a Canadian-born worker


Canada gained a whopping 79,500 new jobs last month

Our unemployment rate is now at its lowest level in a decade