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Doug Ford's Plan to Reduce Student Services Is Working

Optional student fees have hit some Ontario universities harder than others.


How More Than 12 Students at One University Ended Up Dead By Suicide

Why were there so many deaths at Bristol university?


Why a Tweet About 'Uneducated' Voters Angered So Many People

An Ottawa law professor described Conservatives as the “party of the uneducated" reinforcing the longstanding narrative as the Liberals being the party for elites.


These Engineering Students Built a Special Pen Just for Cheating on Tests

"We didn't really need to cheat, because we already had 3.9 GPAs."


McGill University Finally Drops Their 'Redmen' Name

It only took over one hundred years.


The Instagrammers Making Money off Western’s Drunk Ass Party Culture

Western Savages and UWO Party Life are equal parts rowdy and problematic.


What It’s Like Writing Fake Essays for Wealthy International Students

College admissions fraud is a global industry. Just ask these “tutors.”


University of Toronto Students Hold Protest After Third Reported Suicide

Students say a new mental health initiative has led to a “toxic campus environment.”


Concordia Profs Drinking with Students Led to Sexual Misconduct: Report

“Truly shocking discovery!” tweets student who accused professor of abuse


The Great British Mephedrone Craze of 2009

Ten years on, one small-time drone dealer remembers the month the drug hit his university.


Students Can Help Lecturers Break Their Mafia-Like Work Conditions

Working in academia is bizarrely similar to running drugs for a gang.


It Doesn't Matter That Your Arts Degree Won't Get You a Job

A Tory think-tank is complaining that some degrees aren't value for money. Here's why they're wrong.