Election Hacking

American Voting Systems Were Left Online

Our Kim Zetter broke the news that US voting systems, some in key swing states, are actually online and very hackable. 
Ben Makuch
The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast

Trump's Policies Are Threatening the Health of His Own Supporters

Research shows the lives of white working-class folks have gotten harder, sicker, and shorter since he took office.
VICE Staff
Criminal Justice

Florida Is About to Find Out What Happens When Ex-Prisoners Vote

A million or more new voters could be eligible for 2020 thanks to a ballot initiative reversing Jim Crow-era policy.
Jennifer Rae Taylor

'America Saw Him': Black Journalists on Obama's Victory, Ten Years Later

A decade after the election of America's first black president, black journalists reflect on that night and what it meant to them.
Wilbert L. Cooper
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The 'Voting in 2016 vs. Voting in 2018' Meme Sums Up America's Current Mood

Please vote.
Peter Slattery
Why I Didn't Vote

What It Feels Like to Be Disenfranchised by US Voter ID Law

I had a birth certificate, a photo ID, and utility bills proving my residency. But Tennessee decided that wasn't good enough.
Davis Winkie
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Uninformed Young People Should Still Vote

Younger voters tend to worry they don't know enough to cast a ballot—but you almost certainly know more than some of the ignorant older voters out there.
Harry Cheadle

Tennessee Voting Experts Say Taylor Swift Might Actually Turn Their State Blue

Taylor Swift is speaking now. Will it matter come November?
Adam Gold
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The More People Vote, the More Progressives Win

No wonder Republicans are so desperate to depress turnout.
Sean McElwee
Colin McAuliffe

Texas midterms were absolute chaos. Here's what comes next.

The series of competitive elections could determine whether Republicans or Democrats control Congress next year.
Alex Thompson

This Student Wants ‘None of the Above’ to Be a Voting Option

So, he’s suing the government.
Sierra Bein
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Nancy Pelosi delivers eight-hour "DACA-buster" on House floor, DHS says Russians hacked US voting systems, White House reportedly knew about Rob Porter allegations, and more.
VICE Staff