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Environmental Extremes

Editor's Note: Why It's Crucial to Look at Environmental Extremes

VICE is one of hundreds of newsrooms around the world joining the Covering Climate Now initiative.
Natashya Gutierrez
15 hours ago
Environmental Extremes

Everest is Melting, Revealing Tons of Garbage and Human Bodies

“The world’s highest garbage dump” is throwing up trash and corpses that lay buried for decades as commercial mountaineering meets climate change.
Omkar Khandekar
15 hours ago

The Environmental Movement Needs to Reckon with Its Racist History

Because racism in environmentalism hasn’t gone away, and it’s holding the movement back.
Julian Brave NoiseCat
20 hours ago

We Spoke to a Heathrow Drone Protester Before Her Arrest

This morning, a protest group failed to fly drones near Heathrow Airport. Last night, Linda Davidsen was one of several people preemptively arrested.
Ruby Lott-Lavigna
4 days ago
tipping point

Climate Change Will Create 1.5 Billion Migrants by 2050 and We Have No Idea Where They'll Go

The climate crisis has already created millions of invisible refugees and could create up to 1.5 billion more in the next 30 years. But under international law no country is obliged to take them in.
Izzie Ramirez
4 days ago
tipping point

Residents of a Siberian Town With Black Snow Are Pleading for Asylum in Canada

Residents of Kiselyovsk, the heart of Russia's coal-mining industry, are asking Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to accept them as environmental refugees. But they don't stand a chance.
Sarah Emerson
4 days ago
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Indonesian Scientists Have Designed a Submarine That Re-Freezes Seawater

It creates hexagon-shaped ice that can fit together seamlessly while drifting at sea, like a honeycomb.
Ikhwan Hastanto
5 days ago

Dorian Shows Us the Bleak Future of How the US Will Treat Climate Refugees

The hurricane survivors barred from coming to Florida won't be the last desperate people the government turns away.
Brendan O'Connor

Amazon Employees Are Walking Out Over the Company's Huge Carbon Footprint

Nearly 1,000 employees have pledged to walk out September 20 to demand the company go to zero emissions by 2030.
Lauren Kaori Gurley
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Critically Endangered Species May Go Extinct as Land Degrades

Species with depleting populations could be casualties of desertification.
Shamani Joshi
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Everything You Need To Know Before India’s First Moon Landing Tonight

The Indian Space Research Organisation calls the upcoming moments of descent “terrifying”.
Pallavi Pundir
The Borders Issue 2019

What Happens to a People When Their Land Sinks Into the Ocean?

Countries throughout the South Pacific may have their borders erased by rising sea levels within the next 10 years. But Shimizu, a Japanese engineering corporation, is working on designs for underwater and floating cities to accommodate people.
Sarah Hurtes