an hour ago

Cannabis Fields Could Do Wonders for India's Environment and Economy. So Why Aren’t They Here Yet?

Growing naturally in many parts of the country, cannabis could actually boost our economy and push us to the forefront of the hemp revolution.

2 hours ago

Jharkhand Doctor Prescribes Pregnancy Tests to Men Complaining of Stomach Pain

A similar incident took place in July, when another government doctor in the state prescribed condoms to a woman who had a stomach ache.

3 hours ago

After 72 Days of No Communication, Mobile Services Resume in Kashmir

Prepaid phone services, mobile internet and broadband still remain blocked, though.

5 hours ago

Man Finds Baby Girl Buried Alive While Digging Grave for His Own Daughter

The man stumbled upon an earthen pot in the ground and heard an infant crying, only to realise it held a baby girl.

a day ago

A Gujarat School Exam Asked Students in What Way Mahatma Gandhi Died by Suicide

This private school’s goof-up has now resulted in an inquiry against it.

4 days ago

This Islamic School in India Is Giving ‘Nationalism Classes' as a Form of Self Preservation

The founders of Madrasah Rahimiya Global Academy in Jalalabad, Uttar Pradesh, say that the one-hour lectures were made mandatory after recent reports of mob lynchings and lockdown in Kashmir.

4 days ago

Tourists Will Soon Be Able to Live Like Prisoners in Asia’s Biggest Jail

India’s Tihar Jail plans to offer visitors the real prison experience such as living in a locked-up cell, eating jail food, wearing the uniform and possibly chilling with some real inmates.

4 days ago

India is Arresting Tibetans Ahead of Chinese President’s Visit

Tibetan activists in India see these “preemptive arrests” as a sign of China’s growing influence over democracies and “their ability to press governments to silence freedom of speech in all corners of the world."


Toilet Selfies Are Becoming a Pre-Wedding Ritual in Madhya Pradesh

Under a new government scheme, brides from economically backward sections are eligible to get Rs 51,000 if they can prove the groom's house has a toilet before the wedding.


I Tried to Take My Own Life but Survived. Here’s Why Talking About Mental Health Is Important.

There is a stigma associated with suicide in Indian society, but talking about it may break the pattern.


Indians Are Watching More Movies in Theatres to Escape Economic Slowdown

Even as unemployment rises and the country’s economy slumps, the movie theatre business is doing better than ever because of people wanting to ignore all the negativity.


An Indian Family Drowned After Trying to Take a Selfie by a Dam

A 14-year-old boy slipped, dragging three others down with him.