Scientists Find Black Carbon Particles in Placenta Of Pregnant Women Exposed to Air Pollution

Research reveals that these particles, usually found in emissions from coal power plants and car exhausts, can potentially transfer to unborn babies and lead to low birth weight, miscarriages and premature births.


Study Finds Delhi and Mumbai Are Among the Top 10 Cities in Cannabis Consumption Globally

Amsterdam, where pot is legal, consumed just about a tenth of the cannabis Delhi did in 2018.


A Recent Study Links Air Pollution and Mental Illness

Depression and bipolar disorder were found to be more common in major cities.


Eight Of The Ten Most-Surveilled Cities In The World Are In China

The two other non-Chinese cities in the top ten are outside Asia, while Singapore appeared in 11th place.


Study Finds That People Who Use More Emojis Have More Sex

Those little icons are great at building emotional intimacy.


Alarming Report Finds Not a Single Girl Born in 132 Indian Villages Since April

"We have discovered that out of total 216 deliveries not a single girl child has been born in 132 villages, which is suspicious and has highlighted female foeticide."


Influencers Are Losing Their Influence

A new study found fewer people are engaging with influencer posts.


There Is Such a Thing as Too Much Coffee, Scientists Say

Jittery? Anxious? Heart pounding out of your chest? If you're downing half a dozen cups a day, you're doing it wrong.


People Write Petty Restaurant Reviews When the Weather Is Bad, Study Says

People being petty on the internet? You don't say!


Cats Are Actually Nice, Scientists Find

Sorry, haters.


People Rate Beer More Highly if They Think it's Made by a Man, Study Says

“There’s an assumption that your woman-made craft beer, screwdriver, or roof rack just won’t be as good.”


Study Finds People Are Morally Outraged by Those Who Decide Not to Have Kids

We talked to the author of a study about why people are deeply unchill about those who don't want to ever spawn offspring.