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The Legendary 'Cave Raves' of the Acid House Era

We spoke to "Steely D", the man who organised the free parties in the Lake District quarry, and Matt Stokes, the artist who studied them.


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Producers, Please, Please, Please Stop Putting Orgasm Sound Effects in Your Music

Art history tells us show don't tell. And definitely don't show fake cumming sounds.


How Genesis P-Orridge Changed the Course of Electronic Music Culture Forever

From acid house to gender identity, we look back at the Throbbing Gristle founder's radical impact on society.


26 Years Later, the Story Behind Saint Etienne's Genre-Bending Debut ‘Foxbase Alpha’

Singer Sarah Cracknell takes us on a deep dive into the trio's unlikely genesis—just as acid house fever gripped the UK.


A Brief History of the Smiley Face, Rave Culture's Most Ubiquitous Symbol

The smiley in electronic music isn't merely cute—it's a symbol of defiance.


How Shifty Science Went From Skateboarding to Quietly Remoulding Chicago House Music

Lifelong friends John Kardaras and Chris Ike reflect on the most experimental period of their collaborative output.


DJ Pierre on His New Nightclub WildPitch: "Atlanta's Underground Scene Is Ready to Burst"

The acid house pioneer spills the beans on his plan to help turn Atlanta into a house and techno mecca.


Acid House Pioneer DJ Spank Spank of Phuture Has Died

Update: Phuture's DJ Pierre has shared a statement about his passing.