Twitter Took Phone Numbers for Security and Used Them for Advertising

This could make people think twice about using a phone number to secure their account at all.


This Tool Lets You See Facebook’s Targeted Political Ads All Over the World

Facebook has failed to be fully transparent with data concerning political advertising, so two researchers collected the data themselves.


Canada Made Its Legal Weed Rules Too Tough and They're Going to Pay for It

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Now That I Know the World is Doomed, Should I Get Into Advertising?

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Brand Twitter Is Absurd, and It Will Only Get Worse

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Dan Bilzerian's Weed Company Is Keeping Sexist Cannabis Ads Alive

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Any Restaurant Can Call Itself 'Organic' and Get Away with It

As long as they're making a "reasonable" effort.


McDonald's Happy Meal Ads Allowed During Children’s TV, Says Watchdog

The Advertising Standards Agency, however, deems Coco Pops and KFC "junk food."


'Love Island' Diet Ads Land ITV in Trouble

The broadcaster has been criticised for scheduling commercials for weight-loss foods during the popular reality show.


The True Story Behind Those Jack Daniel's Tube Adverts

The "Postcards from Lynchburg" campaign was launched in the 1950s, but now only exists in one place: the London Underground.