The US Military Killed Dozens of Civilians While Trying to Bomb Meth Labs, UN Alleges

According to a new UN report, a United States counternarcotics operation against alleged Afghan drug labs killed at least 14 children. The US has denied the report.


Drug Lords Have Figured Out How to Make Meth From Plants

Investigators in Afghanistan have uncovered a burgeoning local trade in the production of methamphetamine using a mountain shrub.


Behind the US's Bogus War on Taliban Drug Labs

America has spent tens of millions of dollars blowing up heroin and meth labs in Afghanistan. Except many of them are just huts.


Long Fall: The Most Famous 9/11 Photograph No One Has Seen

The Falling Man's descent into eternity lasted about 10 seconds.


Trump Just Blew Up a Peace Deal With the Taliban Because They Wouldn't Let Him Take All the Credit

The fate of more than 5,000 US troops who were going to come home from America's longest war is now unclear.


The US Deal With the Taliban Already Looks Like a Disaster

As the US's top negotiator went on Kabul TV to announce a troop withdrawal deal, the Taliban was preparing a suicide bombing that killed 16 and wounded 100.


Trump Will Only Listen to 'Experts' if It Means Letting Americans Die in War

On Afghanistan, Trump's gut instincts may have been right – but somehow, it's the only subject on which he defers to the establishment.


The Glaciers on Earth's 'Third Pole' Are Bursting, Causing Deadly Floods

Climate change is creating yet another dangerous new phenomenon.


All the News You Need to Read This Morning

UK may double troops in Afghanistan after Donald Trump's request.


Tim Hetherington's Photos Are a Tender Look at Male Sexuality and War

Before he died in 2011, Tim Hetherington showed us intimate moments between soldiers on the front lines.


This Afghan Cafe Was Forced to Ban Men. Now, It May Have to Close.

Political pressure forced the nearly three-year-old Bamiyan Women's Café to ban unaccompanied men. The staff is not optimistic about what that means for the cafe's future.


How an Afghan Refugee is Changing Venice's Restaurant Landscape

Hamed Ahmadi now has five restaurants in northeastern Italy's Veneto region and has helped employ many young refugees from the Middle East and Africa.