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AJ Tracey Is a Rich, Rapping, Charm Machine

He’s beaten you in an online game, ascended the UK rap chart and now – with the release of his debut album – he’s invited us into his house.
Ryan Bassil
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AJ Tracey's Gone Back to His Grime Roots With "Doing It"

The icy, Swifta Beater-produced track premiered last night at a west London skatepark, where the UK artist announced his debut album.
Ryan Bassil
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We Made AJ Tracey Pick a Winner in the Noisey World Cup of Rappers

This is what happens when you force a west London rapper to choose between legendary rappers, and film the whole thing.
Noisey UK Staff
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The Brits on Forbes' 30 Under 30 List Will Make You Feel Old and Bad

Dua Lipa, J Hus, AJ Tracey, Sampha and more appear in the annual European who's-who of young entertainers.
Lauren O'Neill

'Game Over'? Nah, Dave Is Entering the Imperial Phase of His Career

Eight-minute songs? Questioning the government on both sides of the Atlantic? Talking about love? Dave is the rapper we need right now.
Ryan Bassil
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AJ Tracey's New 'Secure The Bag' EP Is a Level-Up

Spoiler alert: both JME and Craig David are on it.
Lauren O'Neill
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AJ Tracey Samples the Best of LA in His "#LA4AWEEK" Video

US singer Sloan Evans and rapper Swoosh cruise along for the palm tree-lined ride.
Noisey UK Staff
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Hear AJ Tracey on Another Fire Track, This Time with R&B Singer Sloan Evans

Spoiler alert: it's fucking great.
Noisey UK Staff
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AJ Tracey Is Back with a Hard New Track, "Blacked Out"

He has also announced details of his new EP, "Secure the Bag!"
Lauren O'Neill
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Watch AJ Tracey Talk About Why Young Voters Should Choose Labour

"It's a Corbyn ting. It's not a Tory ting."
Lauren O'Neill

The First Food Critic Review of a New AJ Tracey-Affiliated Burger

This shit is limited edition, only available in west London's Boom Burger until the end of May, so here's the #exclusive write-up.
Ryan Bassil
New music

Hear Missy Elliott and AJ Tracey (!) on Aminé's "REDMERCEDES" Remix

A contender for the link-up to end all link-ups.
Noisey Staff