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AJ Tracey Is a Rich, Rapping, Charm Machine

He’s beaten you in an online game, ascended the UK rap chart and now – with the release of his debut album – he’s invited us into his house.


AJ Tracey's Gone Back to His Grime Roots With "Doing It"

The icy, Swifta Beater-produced track premiered last night at a west London skatepark, where the UK artist announced his debut album.


We Made AJ Tracey Pick a Winner in the Noisey World Cup of Rappers

This is what happens when you force a west London rapper to choose between legendary rappers, and film the whole thing.


The Brits on Forbes' 30 Under 30 List Will Make You Feel Old and Bad

Dua Lipa, J Hus, AJ Tracey, Sampha and more appear in the annual European who's-who of young entertainers.


'Game Over'? Nah, Dave Is Entering the Imperial Phase of His Career

Eight-minute songs? Questioning the government on both sides of the Atlantic? Talking about love? Dave is the rapper we need right now.


AJ Tracey's New 'Secure The Bag' EP Is a Level-Up

Spoiler alert: both JME and Craig David are on it.


AJ Tracey Samples the Best of LA in His "#LA4AWEEK" Video

US singer Sloan Evans and rapper Swoosh cruise along for the palm tree-lined ride.


AJ Tracey Is Back with a Hard New Track, "Blacked Out"

He has also announced details of his new EP, "Secure the Bag!"


Watch AJ Tracey Talk About Why Young Voters Should Choose Labour

"It's a Corbyn ting. It's not a Tory ting."


The First Food Critic Review of a New AJ Tracey-Affiliated Burger

This shit is limited edition, only available in west London's Boom Burger until the end of May, so here's the #exclusive write-up.


Hear Missy Elliott and AJ Tracey (!) on Aminé's "REDMERCEDES" Remix

A contender for the link-up to end all link-ups.