I Tested an App That Provides a Live Soundtrack to Your Shagging

'Bed Beats' claims to intuitively sync songs with the increasing rhythm of your thrusts.


I Escaped Syria but I Can't Escape European Bureaucracy

Which is why I developed an app to help other refugees like myself deal with the Dutch authorities.


This App Matches People With Their Ideal 'Face Type' – Whatever That Means

A new app developed by New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) scientists aims to match users by analysing the faces of their favourite celebrities.


The New York Post App Sent Nirvana Lyrics to Its Subscribers Yesterday After an Apparent Hack

Other missives from the apparent hack included “Heil President Donald Trump!” and a few biblical allusions.


Could an App for Farmers Help Save the World’s Bee Population?

A new app from researchers at the University of Vermont allows farmers to virtually trial methods of encouraging bees to thrive and pollinate crops on their land.


This App Can Tell You Whether Your Olive Oil Really Is Italian

Users can scan the barcodes of “Made in Italy” products, and find out whether they really are of Italian origin.


Scientists Say Playing This 10-Minute Game Stops Junk Food Cravings

University of Exeter psychologists claim to have invented a smartphone game that’ll help you choose fruit over chocolate.


Chinese Developer Sees Untapped Market in Gay Gamers

As China becomes more accepting of the gay community, games start aiming for the 'pink dollar.'


Phone Case Turns Your Display into an Immersive VR Experience

Pinć VR is smartphone case that doubles as a virtual reality headset that can fit in your pocket.


A University Professor Wants You to Look at Porn for Science

Western University’s Taylor Kohut wants to crowdsource an answer to the eternal question, ‘Is this pornography?’


A Drive-Thru Art Show Appears on Billboards in LA

Arts organization The Billboard Creative has teamed up with over 40 artists, including Paul McCarthy and Alex Prager, to make art history through advertising.


The VICE Guide to Grindr

Hopefully this helps you out.