BBC Three


Why I've Made Two Films About the R. Kelly Sexual Misconduct Allegations

We spoke to Ben Zand, the filmmaker and journalist behind two BBC docs that explore claims made against Kelly.
Ben Zand

The Mockumentary Needs to Die for British Comedy to Survive

Sixteen years since 'The Office' first aired on British television, why does every subsequent sitcom pretend to be something it's not?
Angus Harrison

How to Disappear Completely: the Unsolved Missing Persons Case of Damien Nettles

A new BBC Three documentary searches for answers in the ongoing case of a teenage boy who went on a night out in 1996 and never came home.
Tshepo Mokoena
The We Missed You Issue

Why It Pays to Keep the Video Gaming Trolls at Bay

The BBC had the chance to celebrate the unifying joy of video gaming. But instead, it focused on hate and harassment.
Mike Diver
Holy Shit

If Anyone Deserved a BAFTA Nomination It's Kurupt FM

Get out the way Graham Norton, Brentford is coming for ya.
Joe Zadeh

Why Aren't There Any Funny Young People on British TV?

And could BBC Three's online move be the first step towards comedy that isn't a panel show full of posh old white men?
Sam Wolfson
International Women's Day 2016

Ten Ways Charli XCX's BBC Documentary About Feminism Totally Slayed

How cool is it to see an actual woman on actual TV reframing the narrative and talking about how it's a good thing to be considered indimidating?
Emma Garland

The Extraordinary Case of the Guevedoces: The Girls Who Grow a Penis During Puberty

Guevedoces are born lacking an enzyme which caused them to look like girls, while their testicles are hidden inside the body.
Mark Wilding
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Is BBC Three Showing eSports Great for Gaming, or a Desperate Cry for Relevance From a Dying Channel?

Can a traditional broadcaster really go up against Twitch et al? No, probably not.
Mike Diver

Britain, We're All to Blame for Stage-Invader Lee Nelson and Our Terrible Homegrown Comedy

We haven't done enough to stop it at the source.
Joe Bish

Remembering 'Monkey Dust', the UK's Greatest Animated Satire

Nothing else has ever lampooned all that's wrong with modern Britain in quite the same way.
Dan Wilkinson