Big Brother


Remembering 'Big Brother', the Show That Birthed Reality TV as We Know It

Producers and former housemates reflect on the year 2000, a groundbreaking but simpler time when the height of scandal was "Nasty Nick" lying.
Sean Cole

A Deep Dive Into the Voyeuristic World of ‘Big Brother’ Superfans

The fandom is closer to that of a sports team than of a reality TV show.
Audrey Carleton

Looking Back at 25 Wild and Crazy Years of Big Brother Magazine

'Jackass' mastermind and Big Brother mainstay Jeff Tremaine looks back – with Wee Man in tow.
Erik Abriss
Objectively Correct Lists

British TV Themes That Bang Harder Than Most Things in the Charts RN

We don’t mean to alarm anyone but British medical dramas did in fact invent the club.
Daisy Jones and Emma Garland

David Gest, the Only Man Who Has Ever Called Both Michael Jackson and Dean Gaffney His Best Friend

In the final decade of his life Gest found a new home: in the comfortable hospice of British reality TV shows.
Angus Harrison

Everything We Can Tell You About ‘This House Has People in It’

The co-director of 'Unedited Footage of a Bear' talks about the origins of Adult Swim’s latest 4 AM infomercial.
DJ Pangburn

Things That Would Be Better on a Fifty Pence Piece Than Peter Rabbit

Forget an uppity Beatrix Potter character in brogues - for a real taste of Britain, let's commemorate Cat Bin Woman.
VICE Staff
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Orwell's Orwellian Estate Is Allegedly Trying to Stop People from Using the Number '1984'

They're watching you.
Joe Goodman

Remembering Holy Moly – by the Man Who Started It

The celebrity gossip site Holy Moly closed yesterday, after 13 years faithful service. Jamie East, its founder, reminisces on a pre-libel law internet, nearly losing his house and thumb fighting with Alex Reid.
Jamie East

I Conned My Way onto Two Reality Shows and Totally Got What I Deserved

After you lie to get the chance to become infamous on TV, you can hardly blame anyone else when the world starts to hate you.
Christine Estima
Meet the Nieratkos

Skateboarding Legend Sean Cliver Talks History, Economics and Deviant Graphics

"Occasionally, yes, I will get peed on, but come on, who hasn't in the workplace?"
Chris Nieratko
Meet the Nieratkos

Skateboarding Helped Jim Bates Battle Depression

Writing a children's book was also a huge factor in his newfound happiness.
Chris Nieratko