Everything You Need to Know When You're Going to Prison

After he was released from jail, Carl Cattermole decided to write down everything he'd learnt. Consider this extract from 'Prison: A Survival Guide' your essential primer to getting banged up.
Carl Cattermole
a day ago

What Your Summer Book Says About You

From 'Normal People' to 'Just Kids': there's a stereotype for you!
Lauren O'Neill
a day ago

What Actually Happens When a Working-Class Student Applies to Oxbridge

In this extract from "Rife: Twenty-One Stories from Britain's Youth", Olivia Fletcher shares how applying to Cambridge University shattered her fantasy of meritocratic education.
Olivia Fletcher
2 days ago

What It's Like Working at a Peep Show While Pregnant

In this extract from "Skint Estate", memoirist Cash Carraway recounts the highs and sticky lows of being a performer in a Soho peep show.
Cash Carraway
3 days ago

The Intimate Details of Three Women's Sex Lives

"Three Women" author Lisa Taddeo spent almost a decade following a trio of women and documenting their relationships, desires and affairs.
Barbara Speed
3 days ago

I Watched the Neighbourhood I Grew Up in Get Gentrified

In this extract from "Rife: Twenty-One Stories from Britain's Youth", Malakaï Sargeant describes how gentrification destroyed Hackney.
Malakaï Sargeant

Unpacking Our Childhood Obsession with Jacqueline Wilson

“I remember reading Lola Rose for the first time and there’s a whole description of a young mother giving birth. I read it five times over because I couldn’t believe it.”
Adam England

'Dressed in Dreams' Uncovers the Black Women Who Invented Modern Streetwear

"The book is for all of the everyday Black girls who made magic out of a dollar store T-shirt."
Taylor Hosking

Satellites Are Quietly, Constantly Watching Us

In a few short decades, the movement and activities of large swathes of Earth's humans can be tracked at all times.
Ziya Tong
the internet

The Online Lives of British Muslims

We spoke to Hussein Kesvani about his new book, 'Follow Me, Akhi: The Online World of British Muslims'.
Niloufar Haidari

Mr. Skin Fossilised. Howard Stern Modernised

The purveyor of Hollywood's finest nude bodies and the former shock jock have both released books reflecting on their influence on the past two decades of American culture, revealing varying degrees of development.
Alex Norcia

How Medical Memoirs Are Helping Us Understand Each Other

We spoke to young author and cardiac nurse Molly Case about her new memoir, 'How To Treat People', and how attitudes towards NHS staff have changed under austerity.
Emma Garland