I Did a Crawl of the 'Kidult Events' Taking Over Our Nightlife

Ball pits, Lego, galumphing through assault courses – why are so many adults still obsessed with infantile nights out?
Annie Lord
2 days ago
The Noisey Advent Calendar

Big Freedia Proves That "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer" Can, In Fact, Bang

On "Rudy, the Big Booty Reindeer," the Queen of Bounce replaces Rudolph's bright red nose with "a very large behind," confirming once and for all that Paul F. Tompkins is wrong.
Alex Robert Ross

The Ghost of Big Freedia

Mainstream artists like Drake and Beyonce continue to borrow Big Freedia's voice and New Orleans flavour, but she remains completely absent from their videos.
Myles E. Johnson
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Watch Charli XCX (and a Passed-Out AG Cook) Perform on 'Kimmel'

She (they?) played "After the After-Party" and new song "Bounce".
Lauren O'Neill
thump exclusive stream

Leonce and JSPORT Want Their Parties to Reflect Atlanta's Melting Pot of Sounds and People

Listen to an exclusive Morph mix of bounce edits and rap hits from the duo, Night Slugs' Helix, and Divine Interface.
Max Mertens
A Year of Lil Wayne

A Year of Lil Wayne: "Bounce"

If you’re sad waiting for Run the Jewels 3, listen to this instead.
Kyle Kramer
Road To BUKU

Big Freedia's Guide to New Orleans

Freedia has access to some (ahem) rarely seen corners and cracks of the (ahem) Crescent City, so we hit her up for recommendations of the best spots to hit in New Orleans.