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FBI Really Wanted America to Believe Oswald Killed JFK, Files Show

The 2,891 recently released files shed light on the hectic aftermath of the assassination, as well as a significant memo from J. Edgar Hoover.
Drew Schwartz
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Cops Heard Adam Lanza Wanted to Kill at Sandy Hook Before Shooting, Docs Show

A trove of newly released files also suggests that the FBI and CIA may have interviewed Lanza years before the shooting.
Drew Schwartz
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Thousands of Previously Unseen JFK Assassination Files to Be Released This Week

Experts believe the documents will reveal new info on a trip Lee Harvey Oswald took to Mexico, where he met with Cuban and Russian spies.
Drew Schwartz

How Howard Hughes Helped the CIA Try to Steal a Russian Nuclear Sub

The expensive attempt was largely a mechanical failure, but it was still one of the stranger covert ops in US history.
Seth Ferranti

That Time the CIA Investigated a Magician to See if Magic Was Real

A video with illusionist Uri Geller spawned dozens of pages of follow-up reports in the CIA about whether magic was real, and if so, how to harness it for espionage.
Michael Best

Guys, is Club Culture Actually a CIA Plot?

We've done our research on the theory that's taken the internet by storm and we think we're onto something...
Josh Baines
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Is Your Microwave Watching You? Kellyanne Conway Says Maybe

"We know this is a fact of modern life," she added.
River Donaghey

Scientists Discovered a Dinosaur Tail Covered In Feathers | Last Week in Art

Also of note, a cedar art installation made over a dozen FBI employees sick and put one in the hospital.
Nathaniel Ainley

Fake Art Heists and Big Ceramic Dicks: Last Week in Art

Also, Banksy is getting his largest-ever exhibition in Rome, and the CIA and Steve Martin have great art collections.
Sami Emory

What Do You Do When Your Family Was the Victim of CIA Mind-Control Experiments?

Visual artist Sarah-Anne Johnson's ongoing series explores how psychological torture impacted her mother's side of the family.
Rea McNamara

A Conspiracy Theorist's Guide to the Panama Papers

The biggest leak in history is a plot against Vladimir Putin, a CIA operation – and something that could expose the truth behind 9/11.
Harry Cheadle

Exposing the Black Sites Behind Extraordinary Rendition

A conversation with the two guys behind a new book about "extraordinary renditions", where governments illegally abduct their enemies and fly them home for interrogation.
Bruno Bayley