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Hunting the 'Beast of Buckland': The Search for Linda Cook's Killer

A young man was convicted of the murder in 1988, and served 16 years for a crime he did not commit. Now, a retired detective thinks he knows who really did it.
Hayden Vernon
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Code-Breaker Says He's Cracked the DB Cooper Plane Heist Mystery

Based on a string of numbers in one of Cooper's old letters.
River Donaghey

‘Wormwood’ Is the CIA LSD Murder Conspiracy Show We Need Right Now

Errol Morris is back, and he’s using actors to bring a familiar style into a fresh new direction.
Noel Ransome
Missing persons

A Young Woman Was Last Seen by Police, Then Never Again

Thousands of women have been reported missing in British Columbia. Emma Fillipoff’s mysterious disappearance shows why it’s so hard to find someone.
Tyler Hooper

Australia’s Weirdest Unsolved Murder Began With a Shark Coughing Up a Human Arm

Authorities would never recover the rest of career criminal and police informant Jim Smith.
Stephanie Hughes
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Notorious Killer Clown Arrested After 27 Years on the Loose, Cops Say

Sheila Keen Warren allegedly gunned down her lover's wife back in 1990. Decades later, the cops found her married to the man.
Drew Schwartz

Can Pennsylvania Convict a Man for Killing a 14-Year-Old in 1974?

After 41 years, the cops think they found out who murdered Johnny Watson – but will the conviction stick in court?
Nick Keppler
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How My Book Infected My Nightmares

My history of a tragic love affair in 19th-century Tennessee began to bleed into my dreams.
Alexis Coe
Correspondent Confidential

Investigating an Unsolved KKK Murder in the Deep South

Filmmaker David Ridgen cracks open a 40-year-old cold case.
David Ridgen